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California Food Handler Training

California Food Handler Training              2 Hrs    $9.00                     
(you must take an exam to obtain the card) 

You must obtain a food handler card within 30 days of hire. The law states that food handlers hired prior to June 1, 2011 must obtain a food handler card on or before 

July 1, 2011. Food handlers hired on or after June 1, 2011 have to obtain a food handler card within 30 days after the date of hire. 

CCDEH Position Paper - SB 602 Implementation (Food Handler Card) 

Our prep course will prepare you for the exam to receive the CA food handler card once you pass the test.

Upon completion you will be informed where to obtain your card. Or you may call us anytime.

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This food handler training course covers all topics discussed in California Senate Bill 602 
and chaptered as section 113948 in the California Health and Safety Code. 

In order to obtain a California Food Handler card outlined in the new requirement students must contact an ANSI-CFP Accredited Food Manager Examination provider below AFTER COMPLETING OUR TRAINING COURSE

For more information, please review the Position Paper on the California Conference of Directors of Environmental Health (CCDEH) website: 

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California Food Handler Training

Course Description:

This course covers food safety issues, regulations, and techniques to maintain a food-safe environment. It will help you to better understand how handling food correctly is not only the law, but also improves safety and lowers cost as well. 

Learning Objectives:

•To develop a better understanding of food safety, its importance, and those who enforce it

•To get acquainted with food-borne illness and what causes it

•To become familiar with biological, physical, and chemical contamination

•To better understand preservation and temperature control

•To learn the importance of proper personal hygiene in the workplace

•To get a better understanding of cleaning, sanitization, pest control, and facility design

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California Food Handler Card Prep